CoMPa Technology is a small but envisioning company advising several small to medium websites in addition to maintenance and when required hosting for those customers. Our specialization is to create detailed customer specific solutions for web-based services and internet solutions. Take a look at our  Projecten and Diensten pages for some more background.

If you are looking for a specialized solution please contact us using the ‘contact‘ page. Our current projects and services are running on a best-practice base of which our customers are highly appreciative and their financial support and experiences ensure a permanent future for our services to all our customers.

We offer, amongst other services

  • Advise on and about your website
  • Building concept-websites
  • Custom tooling and/or scripting for (internet based) solutions
  • Domainregistration
  • (Partial) server system rentals
  • Advise for external hosting
  • Delivery of mail-aliasing for your domain(s)

We partner with several large providers and have decent knowledge on internet servicing, whenever you have questions feel free to use our contact form or get in contact directly.

All our services run on FreeBSD (image from UserFriendly)